This page includes information and resources helpful to those who are in the position of a QIDP/QDDP as well as those who must supervisor the Q position. Using these resources will help assure compliance to the ICF regulations — especially the Active Treatment Condition of Participation.

Emergency Preparedness Interpretive Guidelines

Download the CMS letter regarding Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Interpretive Guidelines and Survey Procedures.

DHSR is currently reviewing the standards and determining how the guidelines will be implemented in North Carolina. Download the June 2, 2017 version of “Appendix Z, Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Interpretive Guidelines and Survey Procedures.”

Click here to download Appendix J which is the Guidance to Surveyors and contains all regulations with which Qs must comply. This is the April 13, 2018 revised Guidance.

The H&W 2015 IG Change Summary was developed by H&W Independent Solutions as a detailed analysis of the changes made to the Interpretive Guidelines (IG) for Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IIDs). This new Guidance was originally published in the April 27, 2015 State Operations Manual (SOM). Appendix J can also be found in the most recent State Operations Manual (SOM) published April 13, 2018.

This change is the first update to the IG in several years. It is very comprehensive in that the guidance for almost all regulations has been modified to some extent, through either modification of the language, removal of language or addition of new language. Significantly, all the Compliance Principles, Probes and Facility Practice Statements have been removed from Appendix J, and a new Exhibit 355 attached to the SOM has been created.

The new CMS IG and Exhibit 355 contain nearly 200 pages of information. Less than 10% of the W-tags remained the same, with changes in either interpretive guidance, compliance principles, facility practice statements or probes.

It is important to note language that remains the same and has not changed, is not provided in this H&W Change Summary tool. This includes language that was in the previous SOM in the IGs and remained the same but was moved to the Exhibit.

Therefore, this document is not intended to be a substitution for Appendix J or the SOM. This tool specifically provides a guide to identify:

  • Language which was removed from the interpretive guidance;
  • Language which was added to the interpretive guidance; and
  • Language which has been modified in the interpretive guidance

To buy your copy of H&W IG Change Summary (nearly 300 pages) for only $129, please visit the H&W Online Store.

In accordance with Rosa’s Law, all references to “mental retardation” must be changed to “intellectual disabilities”. Consequently, the previously used designation of “QMRP” has been updated to “QIDP” for all Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals.

You can read the memo from CMS here about this change.

The College of Direct Support is a set of web-based courses designed for direct support professionals and others who support individuals with disabilities.

Information which could be added to this page includes:

  • Templates for Comprehensive Functional Analysis
  • Positive Behavior Support Plans
  • Medical/Health History forms
  • An Internal “Mock Survey” checklist
  • Family Style Dining, Self Help and Daily Living Skills lists

We ask all Qs to send suggestions directly to Tonda Stillwell at tondastillwell@gmail.com (This is not a hot-link to protect Tonda’s email address from potential spam.)

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